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Strength Training Clinic

FREE strength clinic specifically designed for swimmers by one of our own members, Sue Langley for Sawtooth Masters Swimmers and YMCA Masters Swimmers at the Y

Space is limited - Respond Yes today.

Evite closes:  January 10, 2019, 12 p.m.

Prior to being a CPA, Sue was an exercise physiologist for 10 years.  She received a Masters in Exercise Science from the University of Oregon and was certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.  Sue worked in many aspects of fitness and health:  employee wellness programs, community fitness teaching aerobics and yoga, Phase III and IV cardiac rehab in an outpatient facility, designing exercise programs in a hospital setting for other diseased populations such as diabetics, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stroke victims, etc. on land and in water-based environments, personal training, and working in a physical therapy clinic. Sue has been comfortable in weight rooms since she was 16 and is a huge advocate of resistance training!  Swimming is not her first sport,  she is primarily a runner and triathlete.

The clinic will focus on efficient resistance training using hand weights, body weight, and other equipment that can be used at home or in a gym.  She will spend a little bit of time walking through the weight room and teaching some of the movements on the machines, but that will not be the focus.

The goal is to inspire those who have little to no experience to begin a resistance training program and to be less intimidated to work out in the weight room; and for those who already are experienced they will get some tips and hopefully new exercises or combinations to keep them motivated.  Everyone will walk away with very specific routines ranging from the bare minimum (push-pull-squat) when time is limited, to a full body and/or swim-specific resistance training program.

This is NOT for the serious weight-lifter.  

Benefits of strength-training for the masters swimmer will be discussed as well as safety concerns.  Everyone should come prepared to work hard!

Don't miss this opportunity for a terrific clinic and the opportunity to see the new and beautiful South Meridian YMCA

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