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Open Water Information

SAWS swimmers are currently enjoying open water swims at Quinn's Pond and other locations. Interested swimmers can get connected by sending an email to and joining the SAWS open water swim groups here.  By joining, you can learn of scheduled swims and also find a group or swim buddy. 
We have many experienced open water swimmers who will be happy to help you acclimate to open water swimming. The following are some great tips shared by SAWS member, Meredith:
Meredith's advice when swimming in cold water less than 60 degrees:
  • Wear a wet suit.  Keeps you from getting hypothermia.  In the event of a medical emergency, you will not sink will and it will help you stay calm until help arrives.
  • Wear ear plugs to keep the cold water out of your inner ear which causes you to feel the cold.   In moving water like the ocean, ear plugs help with motion sickness.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine.   In extreme cold it may cause the onset of pulmonary edema (happened to me once in the ocean). 
  • Swim with a buddy or someone on a floatation like a SUP or Kayak.  Always respect the water.  Even the most proficient swimmers can get into trouble.   
If interested, we urge you to join the google groups and have a great time swimming under blue skies with your fellow SAWS friends.

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