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Adult Learn to Swim Program

Sawtooth Masters Offering "Adult Learn to Swim" Lessons at Boise YMCA

Sawtooth Masters (SAWS), the local Boise/Treasure Valley Swim Club, invites adult non-swimmers in the community to sign-up for swim lessons at the Downtown YMCA. Whether you want to overcome your fear of the water, learn how to swim to do your first triathlon, or have minimal swimming skills and need to improve your stroke, this class is for you.  The classes are taught by highly trained instructors purusant to United States Masters (USMS) Adult Learn to Swim Initiatives and sponsored by SAWS.  Each swimmer will receive a series of 6 lessons at the Downtown Boise YMCA.  You do not need to register for each lesson, registration is for the series of 6 lessons.  You do not need to be a member of the YMCA to participate.  Lessons are free; donations accepted.  

Lesson Schedule: Wednesdays @ 7-7:45 PM: October 2, 9 & 16 and Saturdays @ 4-4:45 PM: October 5, 12 & 19

How to Register:

Sawtooth Masters Website:       


For information email:

Downtown Boise YMCA
1050 W State Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208 344 5501

ALTS Background

The Treasure Valley YMCA and Sawtooth Masters team (SAWS) are proud to announce their continued support of the National "Adults Learn to Swim" (ALTS) program this October in Boise.  Nationally, only 37% of adults are proficient swimmers.  This program’s mission is to offer free swim lessons (6 lesson series/each swimmer) in an effort to improve that percentage and provide each student with basic swim skills to be comfortable in the water and prevent drowning. Swim lessons are offered to adults (18+) by volunteer instructors from SAWS and other swimmers in the community.  If needed, students will be provided with cap & goggles, and all will receive a certificate of completion.

We expect to serve students with the following profiles:

  • Non-swimmers with possible fear of the water
  • Novice swimmers who have not yet mastered breathing techniques while swimming
  • Swimmers needing assistance with stroke technique

There will be a ratio of 1:1 instructor/swimmer for non-swimmers and 1:3 for the other 2 groups. Our SAWS volunteer instructors are motivated to give back to the community via this program and will offer personalized instruction customized to each student's comfort and ability level.

The ALTS program is critical in our community given Boise is a city centered around water (Boise river, pervasive streams, Lucky Peak reservoir, etc.) and unfortunately Idaho ranks high in drowning statistics .  Additionally, we have a large refugee population who historically lack water safety skills.  All members of our community should have swimming competency, and SAWS is dedicated to sharing their swimming passion and expertise to achieve that goal.

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