Equipment Time Savings

Equipment Time Savings

1 watt is 30 sec of time lost


Rolling Resistance


1. Tires – 10 min over 100k ( Recommended Grand Prix TT 4000 , now 5000) 


2. Tire Pressure – 1 min over 90k – Lower for rough roads – 90-95psi or 2watts


If psi is lost in tires over night then you are putting the wrong amount of air in tires. 


3. Latex Tube – 1 min or 2-4 watts power saving ( 1 min over 90k )


Factors that Affect Aerodynamic Drag 

2 Main Factors to look at:

  1. Front Area of bike
  2. Turbulence on your body or bike ( no parachute on bike ) 


Those Items cover: 

  1. Aero bars or Time Trial Bike compared to road bike without Aero bars – 15-20 min over 70.3 – Because in Aero position
  2. Bottles on the frame – 2-3 min lost in a 70.3

Vertical bottle is best behind seat and and on frame if you do put one on frame. Aero bottles on frame save time vs regular bottle. 

  1. Time Trial helmet depends on your head position 
  2. Head is inline with body and you look down while riding – short helmet Head above body – long helmet 
  3. Bike Fit and position on bike – most important thing – 10 – 20 min 
  4. Skin Suit vs baggy Triathlon kit – approx.5 min
  5. Weight of rider and bike depends on a course – 30 sec per kg lost for flat course, hilly course is 1kg is 2 min over a length of an Ironman. 
  6. Race wheels – up to 5-10 min 
  7. CeramicSpeed Components - Upgrading your bike with a standard CeramicSpeed Bearing upgrade (includes Hub Bearings, Bottom Bracket and 11-tooth Pulley Wheels and results in 6-9 watts energy savings), or add the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain to the standard upgrade and save a total of 8-14 watts.


Instead of thinking you need to train more to get faster, look at your bike set up and you can save tons of time. More than you can gain in a year of hard training. 


In Summary – What is the Biggest Bang For Your Buck?

  1. Using aerobarsthat allow you to get into a tuck position will be the cheapest thing you can do for the aerodynamic benefit.
  2. Getting a skinsuitwill provide massive benefits.   Testing is done on the best cycling speed suits vs your regular jersey and cycling shorts. 
  3. Upgrading from a regular helmet to an aero helmetcould save you 2-3 minutes in a 70.3
  4. Time Trial Wheels– 2:30-4 min over a 70.3 when switching from a regular spoke wheel to a disc wheel. Gains can be found for both the slower and faster riders. 

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