2020 Individual Gait Analysis
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Individual Gait Analysis

  • Expert Coach Bill Leach will work with you one-to-one for this depth, two session gait analysis designed to identify running form errors at various paces through video analysis and personal instruction.

  • Session one includes in-depth individual video analysis at multiple speeds and an in-depth look at your running mechanics.

  • Session two includes individually prescribed drills and corrective exercises to correct running form errors.

  • Participants will receive a video from their session, along with drills and exercises they can continue on their own to improve their running form.

  • This program is ideal for runners looking to make impactful changes to their running form with the goal of reducing injury and improving performance.

Upcoming Sessions: 

  • Sessions are individually scheduled with Coach Leach. Sessions are typically held at the Wison Track (Wilson Drive and Lake Shore Dr, Chicago). Each session will last approximately 60-minutes. Ideally, the two sessions are conducted and scheduled over a two-week period.

Individual Registration
Fee: $175.00
CARA Member Discount Applicable

Registration for a individual one-on-one gait analysis with Coach Bill Leach.

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