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2018 'Go Run Timed-Runs
9:00 AM
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CARA 'Go Run Donation

'Go Runs are 100% free, and no donation is required or expected. However, if you are able to support our program a donation is appreciated. 

CARA’s ‘Go Run program has an objective to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage active lifestyle through running and volunteerism. In 2018 CARA and the Chicago Park District will partner to provide 66 free and timed runs/races in local parks in underserved areas of Chicago. With ‘Go Run, getting involved in organized running has become more accessible to indivuduals and families by removing the barriers of high registrations fees to run races. The program has created a welcoming and unintimidating atmosphere for anyone who has a desire to race, run, jog, walk or volunteer in their local park.

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