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Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Personal Distance Challenge
Saturday, October 3, 2020 to Sunday, October 4, 2020
Event Information

Packets will be mailed out next week in time to receive by October 1.  

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Personal Distance Challenge

We know that there is no substitute for a "live" event and once again, we are as disappointed in cancelling the event as you are.  However, like the saying goes: "make lemonade out of lemons" so that is what we are doing.  Rather than just throwing in the towel, we want to show you our true appreciation for your consideration of our race by offering something a little more.  Let's celebrate the Lakefront Marathon weekend by having some fun.

Here's a sampling of what we have planned:

What:  Run 26.2 miles on October 3 or 4 in under 6.5 hours on a course you want to run or come to our start line in Grafton and follow the "rules of the road" on your way to Veterans Park, Milwaukee.  Turn by turn instructions on our website.

Cost:  Only $25/runner (under our cost) and here's what you will receive:  custom LFM-branded arm sleeves, cutom bib, 3 GU brand gels and a finisher medal to be opened AFTER youi complete your journey.  Package will be mailed to you for receipt prior to October 3.  Yes...postage included!

Who:  Individuals looking to test their training or TEAMS (up to 4) looking to celebrate running and the spriit of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.

Additional perk:  Upload your time to our website and we will celebrate your accomplishment by posting on our social media pages.  Individuals that finish the challenge will also receive their name in print inside our 2021 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon "Spectator Guide".  

Looking for something special?  Purchase a "Fan Pack" for $25 and help your friends/family participate in your journey.  Kit contains: 2 LFM branded cowbells, 2 LFM clapper noisemakers, pack of sidewalk chalk for inspiration along the route and a LFM Personal Distance Challenge finish line tape.

So...what else?  Oh, did we forget to mention that this is not your ordinary "virtual event"?  Ooops, sorry...


While this is NOT going to be an event focussed on or rewarding fastest times, we will however have contests and prizes for the winners.  Contests will be announced upon closure of event but a sampling are:  best running outfit, best finish line photo, photo of best sign (or sidewalk chalk) inspirational message, 

Prizes include: running shoes, gift certificates to local stores, free entries into 2021 Lakefront Marathon, gift cards, entry into other Badgerland Strider races, LFM apparel items...and more!  In addition to contest prizes we are also offering RANDOM prizes so everyone has a chance!!!  Rumor has it that there is even one lucky winner of a big screen television!  WHAT????

So...what do I have to do?  

Registraiton is only open through August 23 (NO EXCEPTIONS) so sign up TODAY.  

RACE DIRECTOR NOTE:  I can tell you that we put so much effort into planning a safe "live" event but in the end, it just was not possible to host.  In appreciation for selecting our event this or past years (and hopefully future), we wanted to work hard on providing an option that would still offer some fun...and hope!  Please remember the LFM when it comes to your options in 2021 because we are so psyched to put on the best race (and afterparty) that this event has ever had.  On behalf of the whole Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon team, we sincerely value you!


We are very sorry that you missed out on our awesome event.  Thank you for the consideration and we hope to see you at the 2021 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon starting line!

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