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South Bend, IN 46601
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Sunday, September 3, 2017 to Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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Run It. 

Achieve your goals with like-minded runners. Whether you want to be a runner, get healthier through a run training program, qualify for Boston or run an ultramarathon - we've got you covered! Join the area's only running community led by a Professional Running Coach. Experience gets results. We are passionate about running and seriously fun.

Live It. 

We believe that all runners are extraordinary. This fall dare to be your best. With our Premier Training Workshops you get:

Guidance from a Professionally Certified and Experienced Coach 

Knowledge to hit your goals


Peer support

Expert advice on staying healthy and avoiding injury

Easy to follow training plans 

Access to an exclusive, members-only online community

Inspiration and motivation to get you out the door

Do It. 

Fall 2017 Premier Training Workshops

These workshops are led by a Professionally Certified and Experienced Running Coach. And, we go beyond just running - you will also get FREE dynamic stretching, flexibility, and key core and strength exercises to make you a stronger runner! 


Trail Running 101 - Formerly called Beginner Trail Running---
Fee: $75.00

If you are a new runner or have been out of exercise for a while, YES you CAN go from walking to fitness walking/hiking, walk-running or running for 25-30 minutes straight - in just ONE month!! PLUS gain the added benefit of gaining skills from a professional coach and ultrarunner to call yourself a true TRAIL RUNNER!

Be a part of a supportive group that starts with walking intervals and builds from there. No one is left behind!

For details, click here.

Race name:  
Trail Running 102 - Formerly called Advanced Beginner Trail---
Fee: $75.00

This is a trail workshop for runners who can run 2+ miles on roads or those who have completed Trail Running 101. Get a program to build up to 40-45 minutes of continuous exercise / 5K distance if you are not quite there!

In these sessions you will gain more advanced trail running knowledge and techniques. This workshop is also great for mud runners who want to up their game and those curious about the sport of ultrarunning! 

For details, click here.

SAVE $21 ! Trail Running Package (Trail Running 101+102)!
Fee: $129.00

Go for it all! Learn ALL the techniques form the Trail Running 101+102! Build up from walking to fitness walking/hiking, walk-run, or full run for 40-45 minutes / covering approximately a 5K trail distance!

SAVE $21 by combining both training programs!

For details, click here.


10K Trail Training
Fee: $139.00

New! Build up to running the 10K trail distance with a certified coach designed training plan and weekly trail training group!

This program would be appropriate for a number of late October trail races including the the Tecumseh Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon on October 28th or the Dirty Herd World Run Day 10K Trail Run on Nov 5!

For details, click here.

Half Marathon Trail Training
Fee: $149.00

Gain endurance building up to the Half Marathon Trail distance with an experienced coach for guidance, a full training plan and regular weekly trail training groups!

The training group would be appropriate for late October/early November races such as the Tecumseh Trail Half Marathon, a trail ten mile or as part of a buildup to a winter 50K.

For details, click here.

10K Training
Fee: $129.00

Are you ready to go twice as long as the 5K? This workshop will get you there!

For details, click here.

Half Marathon Training
Fee: $129.00

The half marathon has become one of the most popular race distances, so naturally THIS program is the one most people requested!

For details, click here.

5K/10K PR!
Fee: $149.00

New! Do you want to get FASSSSTer at the 5K or 10K distance?? Then don't blow by this one!!

You will get a full 8-week training plan in addition to two workout sessions a week and coach guidance aimed at helping you increase your speed at your chosen distance.

For details, click here.

Just Long Runs!
Fee: $70.00

If you are already training for a existing distance race you can still get the support, accountability and camaraderie of doing long runs with a group! In addition, you get pre-planned routes with maps provided, as well as access to a professional coach to answer questions you may have along your journey. This is the option for you!


For details, click here.

First Strides for Women
Fee: $75.00

If you want to start or return to running, this 30-day Challenge is for you! You can be a part of this new community of women runners that focuses on fitness and health!  Start with walking and build up to 25-30 minutes of fitness walking, walk-running or running in just one-month!

For details, click here

Forward Motion for Women
Fee: $75.00

Join a new Women's Running Community - if you can run 2 miles / 25-30 minutes, or are a graduate of the First Strides program - you will receive a full week-by-week workout plan to build your endurance up to 40-45 minutes/a 5K (3.1 mile) distance!

For details, click here.

SAVE $21 ! First Strides + Forward Motion Package!
Fee: $129.00

Commit to going the distance by taking this workshop! 

If you are new to running or those have been out of exercise for a while, you will go from walking to gradually building up to 40-45 minutes straight of continuous fitness walking, run-walking or running AT YOUR OWN LEVEL over the course of two months.

You will be supported by others in an absolutely non-competitive environment in which no one is left behind! We start off with walking intervals and progress from there! Strollers are OK!

For details, click here.

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