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Hello all, I'm here to try to explain my first born to you. Lily's story. See, she's not here to show you her strength, her courage, her goofy silly laugh or that smile that won't let you frown. Her heart that cared for so much, the mini mom that she was for her brother Gavin. The sarcastic, sassy mini me that she was to me, her mom, Melissa. The innocent child that knew too much for her age, wise and caring beyond her short 7 years. I'm Lily's mom, no longer raising a little girl to be a woman someday, but a forever grieving but fiercely proud mama that wants her daughter's memory to inspire all that hear about her and live life to the fullest. That's what we did, we lived! We made the most of the short time we had. Neuroblastoma eventually took Lily from us but not before she showed all how to live like a child; to live for the moment and to overcome the impossible, even if she isn't here with us today in person but in spirit. 

Lily was a 5 year old girl who was handed the weight of the world on her shoulders with a diagnosis of stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma after a few days of fever and feeling crummy before scheduled to start kindergarten August 2013. She underwent chemotherapy, tumor surgery resection, stem cell transplant, radiation, and immunotherapy over the course of 15 months with countless scheduled and unscheduled hospital stays, missing kindergarten, losing her hair, isolation due to her immunocompromised state, pokes, tests, medications, transfusions, and the general inability to be a normal 5/6 year old (missing out on swimming really was the worst to her) while undergoing treatment. Lily was eventually given the "no evidence of disease" status and attended 1st grade fall of 2014, celebrated the holidays, had a family birthday party to celebrate 7 years on this earth, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience on her Make A Wish trip to Disney in Florida in April. This time of normalcy was short-lived but well enjoyed. Her doctors found new disease spread at the end of May 2015 with a off-treatment plan of attack for after school ended beginning of June. 

Though Lily wasn't a soul destined to be with us long, for her disease spread at an incredible rate and we had to let her go June 13th 2015. 

Lily's spirit continues on with every mention of her name, the sighting of a butterfly, the playing of "Hey Soul Sister", the familiar mannerisms I still see in her brother Gavin, and the limited but powerful memories we have of her truly beautiful soul. 

Snowdrop Foundation of Wisconsin came into our lives shortly after Lily's diagnosis, they trained and ran in her honor, hooked me into this running "thing", and has been a source of constant support and love throughout our journey of Lily's treatment, remission, passing, and honoring her memory. Snowdrop's goal is to show hope, courage, and love to those fighting, conquering, and that have lost their childhood battle with cancer. They inspire hope by doing things some say impossible. Showing courage in times of despair when some are at their lowest. Share love to those who need it most to continue to fight inhuman battles that no child should face. Snowdrop has been a light in an otherwise dark path to highlight my purpose and strength of a cancer mom, Lily's mom, along this unimaginable journey. 

Join me in helping Snowdrop Foundation of Wisconsin to raise funds to help further childhood cancer research, help families feel supported during their heart-breaking journeys, and to inspire the goals and education of those pediatric cancer survivors pursuing their college dreams. 

Run, walk, and/or donate to our team to help keep Lily's memory and spirit of giving alive with the help of Snowdrop Foundation of Wisconsin. 

Thank you, with all my heart, 

Lily's mom


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