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Though many know Lily's story, I will never hesitate to share her with the world. 

Lily, at the tender age of 5.5, was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in August 2013. She was supposed to start kindergarten in a month but instead started a 15-month treatment regimen that included inpatient chemotherapy, surgery for tumor resection, radiation, and immunotherapy along with countless hospital stays due to infection and low blood counts that continuously risked Lily's life. Our trek to American Family Children's Hospital in Madison was well known to us. We almost always had bags packed to make that 2-hour trip at a moment's notice. Lily wasn’t able go to school and daycare during treatment due to the great risk for infection. This also left her socially isolated from many of her friends and family. She lived at home and at the hospital, but we always made the most of our situation. She showed a courage that I couldn't have imagined in an experienced, intelligent adult yet alone a 5–6-year-old child. Through many ups and downs, she beat cancer and achieved the status of no evidence of disease in November of 2014!!! Lily had started 1st grade while her brother began 4k. They enjoyed time together at home more, took in the holidays, and we were able to experience a once in a lifetime Make A Wish trip to Disney!! The love and support of our family and friends were essential to our family thriving through the 15 months of treatment. We were not alone.

Our reprieve was short, though, and we learned of Lily's cancer relapse on May 28 2015. I knew if the cancer beast came back that it wouldn't be good, but we would fight. Our "troops" rallied, and we had a treatment plan...but it wasn't meant to be. Lily was able to finish 1st grade and shortly after, on June 13th 2015, my sweet Lily gained her wings and left the pain and suffering behind. It was the hardest thing to do as a parent, to leave the hospital without your child...

Over 8 years have passed since Lily has been gone and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. She has affected so many by her strength, courage, love, and kindness. The death of such a young child makes one realize how short and precious life can be. Her life inspires others to enjoy, laugh, love, and live in the moment while hoping for the future. Snowdrop has played a part in our journey since the beginning...weeks after diagnosis being contacted to run in honor of Lily at their first 5k, Christmas presents to get us through our first holiday, inspiring me to start and continue running...and the lifelong friendships formed have been priceless to us. 

Hope, courage, love. Everything that Snowdrop is and does for these kids, families, and the community. Thank you all for everything that you do to carry on the message of The Snowdrop Foundation. 

Love and big hugs, Melissa (Lily's mom) 

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