Free the Captives' 3rd Annual Freedom Fest & 5K

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Free the Captives' 4th Annual Freedom Fest & 5K
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Hello friends and family!

Thank you for joining Team Redeemed, whether  you are registering for the 5k or making a donation- THANK YOU for being a part of this amazing, important cause.  One of the main goals of Free the Captives is to help teenage trafficking victims get out of human trafficking and rebuild their lives – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. After enduring horrific abuse, rescued teens often have a long journey ahead of them. Free the Captives offers the continuous support that is needed so that each survivor has the tools to succeed.

To help teen trafficking victims rebuild their lives, they participate in Free the Captives’ New Creations program. Our program encompasses a broad array of services from shelter, mentoring, support groups, tutoring, material assistance and more. Additionally, the cornerstone of New Creations is our job program where they develop life skills while making candles. This is often the first job experience that many victims have. It prepares them for the workforce and provides economic stability.

Free the Captives works to:

  • RESCUE trafficked teenagers by working closely with law enforcement,
  • RESTORE victims by providing direct services such as mentoring, tutoring, shelter, & material assistance,
  • EMPLOY victims in our job program and provide much needed income and life skills
  • PREVENT trafficking through programming for at-risk teenaged girls and providing education in schools,
  • DETER and reduce the demand by focusing on the buyers/Johns through our “Buy Sex? Bye, bye Freedom!” billboard, radio and TV campaign,
  • CONDUCT RESEARCH to provide much needed data and to shape public policy, and
  • EDUCATE thousands of people each year through our annual conference and training's.
Thank you for joing! See you at the race April 22, 2017!
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