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Many do not know that two years ago I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. My diagnosis left me in shock, as this does not run in our family. COVID allowed me to hibernate, go through treatment and heal. Unfortunately, kids with cancer do not have this option. My decision to not be forward facing with my diagnosis was for personal reasons, however, now is the time to do good with what I've been given. I have participated in some crazy ways with Run Til You Snowdrop over the years and this year will be no exception. Although I truly appreciate your words of support and prayers, I'm asking you to re-direct any "oh my goodness" comments toward making a gift to my personal fundraising page. When I see your name come through on my giving page, I will know that you too are thinking of me. Cancer is just a crappy deal, but cancer and kids, there are just no words. Snowdrop Foundation Wisconsin has supported research at Children's Wisconsin over the years with more than $300,000 to help find cures and advancements in care for pediatric cancer. December 2-4 I'll be putting on the miles. As a bonus, the Children's team as a match partner that is giving an additional $10/mile for our team! Thanks in advance for helping the kids of Wisconsin live happy, healthy lives!
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