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Fundraising for The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center: Ovarian Cancer Research

Ovarian cancer first touched my life in my 30s when my Mother was diagnosed with this horrible disease!  What a shock because my Mother had always been strong and enjoyed good health.  A few years later, one of her sisters was also diagnosed with this dreaded disease.  Later, her other two sisters developed endometrial and breast cancer.


My sister, Lynn, and I began to wonder and fear about so much cancer in our family. Only years later did we learn our family carried the BRACA 2 gene.  If a person (man or woman) carries either one of the BRACA genes, they have an 85% chance to develop ovarian or breast cancer.


I am lucky not to have the BRACA 2 gene.  Unfortunately, several relatives in my generation of my family and the next generation carry the gene.  What a burden they have!  The good news is there are proactive steps they can take which will decrease their chances of developing either ovarian or breast cancer.


One of the difficulties about ovarian cancer is that it is usually far advanced when finally diagnosed. The symptoms like bloating and fatigue can be somewhat vague and could signal conditions that are far less serious than ovarian cancer.


Currently, one of my dearest friends is fighting ovarian cancer so it continues to touch my life. It breaks my heart to see her enduring harsh treatments, losing her hair, and feeling unwell and fatigued.


Now that I have shared my story with you, I hope it has touched your heart and encouraged you to support my “spirit” walk in MD Anderson’s Sprint for Life, which will be held on May 5th, 2018.   Since I have been suffering from severe back pain for these past few months, I am not sure I can actually walk the 5K.  This is why I have chosen to be a “spirit” walker this year.


I know that you receive many solicitations---many of them for other dreaded diseases or heart-wrenching causes.  It’s hard to compete for donations in the current climate of uncertainty. I hope that you will give your thoughtful consideration to supporting my “spirit” walk this year. 


I am extremely grateful for your concern and support.  Most of the money raised by the walk will go to research.  I truly feel this is the only way to find a cure. Please make a contribution and/or join our team on race day at MD Anderson.


Anais Watsky

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