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Event: Run 'Til You Snowdrop- 24 Hour Treadmill Run
Fundraising for Snowdrop Foundation of Wisconsin

We run for those that can't.

This event happens each year and some may not even know it. We help pediatric cancer patients and their families find some HOPE in this crazy world. No one should have to go through cancer ever. Children are no exception.
I will be running for 24 hours on a treadmill racking up miles for donations. I am doing to hard work so y'all don't have to. I run for those that aren't able to do so at this particular time because they are in a different kind of fight.
I run for that. I run to give them HOPE to find a cure and then when their child gets to age to go to college, they can.
We will run for some that are still fighting the fight today, some that have come out the other side and rang the last chemo bell, and some that have fallen to disease.
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