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Since it's inception the Snowdrop 55 hour run has been apart of my New Years plans. Every year I have run in support of friends helping them reach their goals. In the past few years I have even entered the race but always with it in mind that I would forgo any personal aspirations and instead help Jered run that extra mile and reach his fundraising goals.  Races have of course been canceled but the need is still there. This year has been a struggle and hardship for so many. However, it would be a great honor if you would join me in supporting the children of Snowdrop who are among the most vulnerable.


On December 30th at Memorial Park in Houston, Texas I will run for 55 hours straight. Thank you for your support.


#250 #ForJered #FortheBabies #Snowdrop55 #GingeRUNleashed 

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Melissa Ledford co match $50.00
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