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Fundraising For The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center: Ovarian Cancer Research
“If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.”  This is the response I got from one of my dear friends when I said sarcastically over lunch, “If only we’d known my grandmother had ovarian cancer and not stomach cancer.  That would have been helpful.”

The truth is, no one talks about ovarian cancer or their fallopian tubes in polite conversation.  It’s 2018 and the topic’s still taboo.  These may be private conversations but that doesn’t deem them any less important.

Do you know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer?  (Increased frequency or urgency to urinate, lower back or abdominal pain, feeling full quickly, and bloating.)  These symptoms are so common in daily life that generally by the time a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer it’s already in its late stages.  The problem with ovarian cancer is that only rarely can it be cured.

If you carry the BRCA gene your odds of developing breast and ovarian cancer are not only significantly higher but you often develop cancer at a younger age than the average diagnosis.  I was diagnosed in 2016 (at the age of 41) with both breast and ovarian cancer and subsequently found to carry the BRCA1 gene.  The medical community states that if you have a history of breast or ovarian cancer you should be screened for the BRCA gene.  However, in my case and in the case of so many other women I’ve met who have been diagnosed, the gene either came from their fathers (so identifying a family history becomes a complicated genealogy project) or they were told their grandmother’s had stomach cancer.  You see in the 1950’s, much like today, no one was talking about ovarian cancer.

I’m currently in remission but getting here required 2 years, 22 cycles of chemo, 4 major surgeries, and 6 weeks of daily radiation.  

Not surprisingly, the impact my cancers have had on our families and me has been huge.  However, it hasn’t all been devastating.  We have received an unbelievable amount of support from so many people, have lived our lives more purposefully, have donated time and money to causes we believe in, but most importantly, we are trying to shed a light on this scarcely talked about women’s cancer.  Would you please help us fund research for a cure and bring ovarian cancer into the light?

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