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Hello All!!

Since 2020 decided to really show us her true colors back in March and change the trajectory of the whole year, I have been asked multiple times "Is your big race still going to happen?" Well guess what?!?!?!?! It is! And just like most things in 2020, it will be a little bit different. Instead of our amazing location and crew, countless volunteers, fearless leaders, and cheerleaders, runners will be doing this mostly alone! Maybe a few family and friends to help along the way, but most will be running in their neighborhoods or local parks, where most will have no idea what they are doing! Why on earth would we still choose to do this in 2020??? Why on earth would we chose to put ourselves through this without all of that amazing support (med staff I'm looking at you )???  


Well it is not about us. It never has been. The purpose of putting ourselves through 55 hours of hell is to bring awareness and funds to Snowdrop and pediatric cancer. This is not about us at all. It is about the children and their families that go through a nightmare they shouldn't have to. It is about supporting the work being done at Texas Children's Hospital to end childhood cancer. It is about supporting the families to who are making impossible choices to help their children. It is about supporting cancer patients and survivors so they can go to college and change the world! It is about honoring those children who earned their angel wings and remind us to keep fighting! 


This will possibly be the hardest 55 hours I have done, since I will be mostly alone in it. But, just like I have said every year, it is nothing compared to what those children and their families go through. I will push my body through those 55 hours to honor those children, their families, and the doctors who are working tirelessly to find a cure. 


Help me to support the Snowdrop foundation by donating. Help Snowdrop provide more scholarships. Help Snowdrop provide more funding for research. 

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