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Paul and I run for those who can’t. We run for the kids who are warriors, the ones who are much braver than Us! The kids who want to have their families during the holidays but can’t. This year is my fifth and Paul’s first year to run for Andrew, Matt, RJ, Sophia and Chelsey. Chelsey is why Snowdrop Foundation exists, it is her legacy. Help us reach more kids not just this season but seasons to come.  May we always strive to find another medication as there is only 3 currently backed by FDA and have more money than the 4% from the government.  These kids disease need more. They need a cure. We all need a cure from cancers. Thank you for providing me with names or initials for your loved one, friend, aunt, uncle, brother, mother, sister, father... the list goes on, sadly.  Let’s be a light in the dark. Together we can do anything. 

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