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Event: Free the Captives' 5th Annual Freedom Fest & 5K: 2019
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Free the Captives has been a substantial part of my life for the past 4 years. Free the Captives provides service to teenage sex trafficking victims in Houston, providing rehabilitation, support, and training to these exploited individuals. They also provide education about human trafficking and raise awareness. For the past 4 years, I have partnered with Free the Captives as a photographer and as an educator. The mission of Free the Captives is very close to my heart, as the girls that they work with are the same age as myself. Moreover, the girls that they work with are members of the Houston community - they too enjoy going to the Galleria, eating Houston's great food, and being normal teenagers. One thing that I would like to make possible for a human trafficking victim is the chance for continued education. Therefore, I am raising money to provide them with a college scholarship for them to study in Houston. As I myself will be heading off to college next year, I would like to provide a well-deserving girl with the chance to as well. Please consider donating to this cause, and please also peruse Free the Captives' website to learn more about what they do!

Thank you,

Callie Rosenthal

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