1500 Kicking Horse Trail
1500 Kicking Horse Trail, BC V0A 1H0
Saturday, November 12, 2022
Event Information

ALL competitors must complete RCR Event Release Agreement(s) online PRIOR to registration... failure to complete the necessary waivers prior to registration will result in your registration being deleted

Once complete, you will receive an "Event Release Agreement ID" and "Parental Release Agreement ID".   Please hold on to these as you will need to enter these ID codes during registration. 

Competitors 16years of age and older* must complete the RCR Event Agreement. This waiver can be completed by the competitor. 

Competitors 15yrs of age and younger* must complete BOTH the RCR Event Agreement AND the RCR Parental Agreement. The competitor's parent or legal guardian must complete these two agreements. 

*Age as of February 10, 2023  (this date is for Fernie.  Date will vary for Kimberley and Kicking Horse as it is the first day of inspection)


RCR Event Release Agreement (mandatory for all competitors)  - 

RCR Parental Release Agreement (mandatory for competitors 15yrs of age and younger) - 



Please check the IFSA Event page on for current event information and updates.

ATTN: COVID-19 policies, vaccine requirements and health and wellness measures will differ between many of our valued host mountains. It is your responsibility to adhere to these measures. Before you register for this event, you should review the resort’s health and wellness policy.



  • IFSA INDEPENDENT ATHLETES (who do not train with a team or club) are *REQUIRED* to have a L100 Certified parent or guardian coach with an active 2023 Coach Membership. Contact us for further information. If you are an Independent Athlete without a coach and you complete the registration process, you will be removed from the roster and refunded (transaction fees cannot be refunded).

  • You MUST have an IFSA Membership to register for this event.

  • CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on HOW TO REGISTER.

  • You will need your IFSA username and password to register.

  • Ensure you have the correct login info BEFORE registration opens: CHECK HERE

  • Back protectors are MANDATORY for competition runs. See section 2.18. in the IFSA Junior Handbook

  • One-Time Athlete Members: If this is your SECOND event you must upgrade your membership PRIOR to registration. Do NOT purchase a second One-Time Membership as this will result in inaccurate rankings. Purchase the correct upgrade for 12-18 age category athletes OR U12 athletes.

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