June Fitness Raffle



June Fitness Challenge             


$10 Raffle enters you through June 30th 2020.

Example: you participate for 20 days you would be entered 20 times or if you participated all 30 days you would be entered 30 times. Each day you participate you will get a raffle entry.


Get fit, win some money, help support a local charity. Each day that you run, walk or bike throughout the month of June, your name will be entered into a drawing. The more days you workout, the better your chance of winning. When the contest is over, a name will be drawn, the winner keeps 20% and 80% will go to a local charity. ALSO!!!! The Florida Striders will match the amount donated, (up to $500.00).

The winner will get to pick from the following charities:


1.Marathon High

2.Runners for Recovery

3.Meals on Wheels


5.K9's for Warriors

6.Clara White Mission

7. B.E.A.M.

There are two ways to sign up:

1. Go to www.floridastriders.com and click on the "June Fitness Raffle" link. Sign up and pay with credit card.


2. Pay with the Venmo app. Just search: "Florida Striders".

A private Facebook group has been created called "June Fitness Raffle with the Striders". Request to join the group after you sign up.

Starting June 1st, you will need to take a photo or screenshot of your running or biking activity, (Garmin, Strava, activity tracking device, etc.) and upload it to the group page for credit.

The workout must be uploaded to the group page on the same day and the workout must also be 30 min or longer in duration for credit.

FYI..please don't post more than one activity per day. Multiple activities in one day does not increase your chances of winning.

Let's raise some money for these charities!

Good luck! --


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