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Spin for KPStrong



The new "Spin for KP Strong" event will be a virtual bike ride on April 5th due to COVIN-19.  Originally it was planned to be at a local facility with music, instructors, drinks, food, and raffle prizes.

Revised Format: Zwift Multiple Ride Meet ups. You pick which one(s) you wish to join.  Pay online and you will be donating money in her name to the American Cancer Society.  You will also be entered into the raffle which will include at least the following:

  • $100 Tri-Covery gift card
  • $70 60 minute massage from Chiropractic Performance Solutions
  • $50 Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therary Certificate

Karen Perzyk, a FAST member, passed away from Esophagus Cancer in January of 2018.  She was an amazing person who helped fellow triathletes, and became an top competitor in all races she participated in.


Sorry! Online registration for this event is now closed.
Please check event website for more details.Thanks!