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Welcome to USA Fit Portland. Our training program is 27 weeks. This year’s target races are the Helvetia half and the Portland Half /Full Marathon on October 4, 2020

Our half marathon training season gives you the option to choose 2 half marathons, one for June/July and a second one in Sept/Oct.


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL- Jan 11-Feb 11. Receive $10 off your membership. Code: PF2020

REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM – If you are a returning member and you refer one or more new members, you will receive a $10 discount on your membership fee. When your new friend(s) register, just have them enter YOUR name in the field: “If you were referred by a Portland Fit member, please give us that member's name." At the close of registration, if your name is listed, you will receive a $10 refund on the credit card you registered with. 

The kick off date is March 21 at 8:00 a.m at the PRC Beaverton location. Our program will alternate between the PRC NW Portland and Beaverton locations. Please see our full schedule for more details. 

Your email address will be added to our distribution list, so please stay tuned for updates about the season. For more news, visit our website at 

You may register online, by completing the form below.

Please come dressed ready to run or walk on March 21.

Mary Chen - USA Fit Portland organizer & coaches


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