With the weather getting prettier (and warmer), we're going to start getting out a little earlier for our Saturday morning training runs from Complete Fitness.  Starting this Saturday, we will be moving our start time up to 7:00 a.m.
A large group of us are training for the Route 66 10K right now, but whatever race your training for, or even if you just want to get our and run for the sheer joy of it, come join us on each Saturday.  No matter the pace or distance your looking for, you'll be with good company.  Complete Fitness is located in Edwardsville at 1051 Century Dr.


The Metro Milers are a sponsor of the 2015 Bonifest 5K, and, with the Official Route 66 10K training group, are racing it this Saturday, May 23rd. Stop by our tent and say hello if you're in the area! 
Bonus: we will be able to answer in person any questions you may have about this year's Route 66 10K, Family Dusk Dash track event, or would like to know more about the club. 


It is the goal of the Metro Milers and the Route 66 10K Committee to make this the biggest and best 10K in the metro area and we absolutely could not do it without your help. Each year our runners rave about the support they receive while on the course so your hard work is noticed!  (MORE)


We have a mandatory volunteer meeting scheduled at the Edwardsville Public Library on June 9th at 7pm (TOMORROWin the large meeting room in the basement. This meeting is mandatory due to the amount of helpful information and updates that will be given. We want you to be well informed about the race and your duties to keep you and runners safe. If you are truly unable to attend this meeting please notify me by responding to this email and I will update you about your role.
We are still in need of road marshals. If you have a friend and/or family member (18 or older) who please encourage them to volunteer!  To volunteer visit  The race is this Saturday!


Metro Milers Set to run River to River this weekend!

The River to River Relay is a long distance relay race in which teams of runners run from the Mississippi River to the Ohio River, covering a distance of 80 miles.  Over 2000 runners take part in the race every year. River to River is a race of friendly competition that experienced to novice runners enjoy running. The race takes place in the southern part of Illinois beginning near Wolf Lake, Illinois and ending in Golconda, Illinois.

Mel, Lisa, Jay, Erica, Matt, David, Rachael and Paul will be representing the Metro Milers this year.

Website for River To River: 
River to River Info Book: 


Metro Milers annual evening track event

The Metro Milers put on this fun, frills free race for two purposes: to encourage school aged children to be fit by showing them how much fun running can be, and to put on a friendly but competitive one mile race for those high school aged and above. 

The Dusk Dash will take place at the Edwardsville High School Track. This track event features Kids Fun Runs in the distances of 100, 200, & 400 meters.  There is an 800 meter run for the 11-14 age group and an open mile event for High School and Adults.  The Dusk Dash is open to all.  

Entry fees are $5 (age 10 and under) and $10 for the Middle, High School, & Open Miles.  Registration forms are available at the event or you can register on-line.

We are pleased to be donating this year's proceeds to the Edwardsville Neighbors In Need organization.

Medals will be presented to the Kid’s Fun run participants (10yrs & under).  

Medals will be awarded to the top three male and female finishers in 11-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50 & over age groups.

The Metro Milers is a local running club that hosts the annual Edwardsville Route 66 10K in June.  Our mission is to promote running, walking & fitness for individuals of all ages & abilities.

This track event features:
 - Kid Fun Runs
 - Middle School 800 
 - High school Open Mile
 - Adult Open Mile

Enter Race Night prior to start.  

On-line registration at




he 2015 Metro Milers Dusk Dash proceeds will support Sam Merkel.   Read about Sam's story and please come support him at the 2015 Dusk Dash.

Here is Sam's Story.  For additional info you can see his CaringBridge site at 

Info about the 2015 Metro Milers Dusk Dash can be found in the Dusk Dash section of our site.

Hi,  I'm Sam.  My journey with cancer began after a few months of my knee hurting. I had just graduated from Edwardsville High School and I was looking forward to starting college in the fall   I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get my knee checked out, but unfortunately, I never made it to that appointment.

On the 4th of July, 2013, I fell twice because my leg gave out.  The second time it happened I heard a pop.  We went to Urgent Care where they did many x rays. When the doctor looked over them he knew it wasn't good.  I had a mass above my left knee and that is where my bone broke. We where sent to St Louis Childrens Hospital.

After they checked me out, I was admitted.  I was in a lot of pain. They put a cast on my leg from my ankle up to my groin. My first night was pretty tough.  The next day they did an MRI, CAT Scan, PET Scan, and Chest-Xrays. Our worst fears where confirmed.  I had Osteosarcoma,  Bone Cancer.

I underwent 4 months of in-patient chemotherapy followed by reconstructive surgery on my leg.  The doctors replaced 8 inches of my femur and knee with a prosthesis.  I then had another 4 months of chemotherapy and a lot of physical therapy.  I finished treatments in April 2014.  I spent nine long months in the hospital with very little breaks to be at home.

I was able to enjoy the Summer of 2014 and enrolled in college which had been put off for a year.  I started college in the Fall and was enjoying life as a normal 19 year old when I started experiencing facial numbness one day in October 2014.  I went to St Louis Children's Hospital where my Doctors did an MRI.  It was confirmed that the cancer was back.  The MRI showed a lesion in my skull.  I had a craniotomy in November, but the tumor wasn't able to be removed.  They did biopsy it.  My new tumor was also Osteosarcoma.  It had metastisized to my skull. I underwent Gamma Knife Radiation and more chemotherapy.  When it was time for my next scheduled scans I found out that the Osteosarcoma had also metastisized to my lungs.  

I am currently in a trial at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis, Mo.  Im receiving Immunotherapy. I pray everyday for a miracle.  I have received wonderful support and love from my family, friends, church, and community.  I am hoping with more research they will find a better treatment for all childhood cancers and eventually a cure.  No kid should have to go through this.


Metro Milers are hosting a group run on Saturday 1/9/2016.  Meet at Complete Fitness (1051 Century Drive, Edwardsville).  Run time is 8:00 am.  All Paces, All Distances welcome.


2016 Metro Milers Newsletter
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Happy New Year's Metro Milers!


2016 Club Board Members

Results of the voting are shown below.  Thank you to all who voted and contributed some valuable feedback.  We are looking forward to a growing organization and fun 2016!

President - Mel Suess
Vice President (Timing) - Randy Thoroman
Vice President (Activities/Events) - Lisa Johnson
Club Treasurer - Matt Feldmann
Club Secretary - Rachael Underhill
Race Director (Family Dusk Dash) - Jay Hunt

2016 Club Trip

The Gobbler Grind Half/Full Marathon in Kansas City, Kansas City on November 13, 2016 was the winner for the 2016 club trip.  It barely squeaked out a win over the Quad Cities Half/Full Marathon.

Race registration is not yet open, but expect costs based on 2015 race to be the following:
Full Marathon starts at $60
Half-Marathon starts at $40
5k starts at $25 

Additional details can be viewed at the website.  Gobbler Grind Link

Extra Mile Challenge

The Extra Mile Challenge had some great participation and we really brought a presence to the races we added.  Nice job everyone.  We hope 2016 will have even better participation so all comments and suggestions are welcome.  Please email the Metro Milers or attend our next club meeting.  We hope to determine awards, list of qualifying races, and additional details.

Dates to Remember

January 10th Club Meeting - St. Louis Bread Co in Edwardsville at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday morning group runs from Complete Fitness @ 8:00 AM
Wednesday Night group runs from RunWell @ 6:30 PM


Group Runs from Complete Fitness on Saturday mornings are moving to a 7:00 Start Time for the summer starting on 4/30/2016.


The 10th running of the Route 66 10K took place Saturday June 11, 2012.       This race hosted by the Metro Milers is a favorite of many runners.  The race features.....(Continued)

spirit stations to keep runners motivated and aid stations with water, Gatorade, iced towels and enthusiastic volunteers.  Runners celebrate their finish in the finisher’s village where a band entertains and plenty of post-race snacks are enjoyed.

On Wednesday nights leading up to the race, the Metro Milers and the local running community run the course.   This provides the opportunity for runners to become familiar with the route before the race.   The course is a combination of local streets and the shaded bike paths.



The 10K distance is unique and provides that “next step” many new runners are looking for.  To assist the runners looking to get into the 10K distance a 12 week training program is offered that includes race entries and coached runs. 



Metro Milers that completed the race include;


  • Erica H.
  • Jay H.
  • Kim H.
  • Ann K.
  • Kip L.
  • Jennie Z.
  • Rachel K.
  • Susan K.

The 10K is held in conjunction with the city of Edwardsville’s Route 66 Festival which takes place the second weekend in June.    

We look forward to seeing everyone next year!