hiver, zimowy,冬,parky invierno, חוֹרֶףp

You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of snowflakes, and cold but of windburn and frostbite. A journey into a wondrous land of rock salt, black ice and shoveling. Next stop, winter!

Bundle up peeps!

We know it is early, you’re slumped over your keyboard and the coffee has not imparted it’s caffeine effect yet. But hey, wake up we have a quiz. Match the words for winter/cold by language/geographic area and you will be eligible to win a very yuge and probably the biggest most valuable prize you’ve ever seen. Of course to make it interesting we threw in some snowcurveballs. Answers are listed below Point 2 to Go. And we’re off:


1. hiver             A. Bhutanese

2. zimowy             B. Cantonese

3. 冬                   C. Spanish
4.parky                     D. Catalan

5.חוֹרֶףp                     E. Yorkshire

6. invierno                F.  County Antrim

                                G. Japanese

                                H. Polish

                                I.  Hebrew

                                J.  Italian

                                K. French


So what’ve got in this month’s issue? The club holiday party not only serves as our big social event but also marks the transition of leadership and celebrates the accomplishments of our members through the year -- so we’ll cover all the glamour and glory of the annual party. Club member Bob Holliday and wife Cathy Benton are on sabbatical in Bhutan, and thought we’d share Bob’s running exploits in the Himalayas.




A special thanks to outgoing President Kim Carden for her leadership! She did not say leading the club was like herding we will! On behalf of all our club members, near and far thanks President Kim for a job well done!!

We wish to welcome Joy Gayter as our new President and wish her well leading the pack. A little bit about Joy...a prolific runner she grew up in the North of England near Manchester. Joy only knew of football played with a round ball and your feet as a loyal supporter of Manchester United FC. She has been attending ASL classes--American as a Second Language. There’s been some progress as she now refers to a film as a movie and a 2 week period, as two weeks and not a fortnight. Not the first club president from the UK, we are trying to count up and convert from the British system of measure exactly how many club Presidents we have had in office that hail from the UK. 1.Joy Gayter, 2. Giles Chick, 3. Thomas Frazer. Could Giles McSully be next in line?!

Best of luck Joy!   



Tim Plum Run

Thank you for all of your efforts for making our annual Tim Plum Run a success! We had  a great crowd. I received so many positive comments about the shirts, the food, the coffee and the good vibe.

A special thank you to Dave and Jack who organized this amazing event, Melissa for the awesome amount of food we had and Kimberly and Liisa for designing and selling a beautiful shirt.

We raised $385 in cash for the Northern Illinois Food Bank and collected 780 lbs of food, the largest single donation ever. In addition, our apparel group sold $971 worth of merchandise.
-- Kim Carden



Sat. Dec. 16th @ 8am

On Saturday we will change things up a bit with our annual holiday run to the tree. Hopefully we've all been nice (and not naughty). Santa Claus will be joining us to trim the tree and sing a few carols before we run back to the train station for goodies. Please feel free to bring tree trimmings like your old running shoes! Everyone is invited to bring holiday baked goods and treats for after the run. The club will be providing coffee and bagels back at the train station. See you there!

On Friday evening, Dec. 1, we returned to the Deerpath Inn for our annual Holiday Party for the first time in several years. Everyone enjoyed this beautiful venue, holiday music, wine, cocktails, delicious meal and camaraderie.  

Link to holiday party photos

Jack Zordan once again was impressive as our Master of Ceremonies--he's a real pro! Mike McMahon's impressively produced Ken Burns style slideshow kept us entertained through dinner and was a big hit, especially since we all looked at least 20 years younger..because we were!

[Here’s the link to Mike’s nostalgic - botox defying club photo montage]

Following a sumptuous chocolate dessert and coffee, Kimberly Loughlin presented her very own version of La La Land ala the LFLB Running Club, starring many club members, and featuring a hotly contested race to the finish line between Ed Packel and Ron Thomas.  

[Link to LA LA Land] video

And of course we were treated to the humorous commentary of comedian Rick Young.



Club Race Director Steve Clark presented the annual running awards:    


Amanda Macuiba

Amanda, who is currently a grad student and cross country coach at DePaul University, ran her first Boston Marathon this year, won the Chicagoland Marathon in Schaumburg in a time of 3:10, and just ran the California International Marathon in a huge PR of 2:57:23.


Nathan Pavlik. Nathan from Lake Bluff is a relative newcomer to the club. He took 2nd place overall this year on the very competitive CARA Circuit. Highlights include taking first place at the Lycee Oui Run 5K, in a time of 16:09, and running a 1:16:30 at the Alpine Half Marathon.


Craig Fox

The Spirit of the Run award received by Craig Fox was well deserved.

It is rare for Craig to miss a Saturday and his easy going personality helps new members and visitors feel comfortable on their first club run. It probably also helped that he opens his wallet at Starbucks post-run and buys everyone coffee! So remember to look for Craig in line on Saturday at Starbucks.



Joan Elliott

Long time member Joan Elliott received the award for her dedication in serving the club in many capacities. Most recently Joan was a Social Director, and she had also been editor of the Footprints Newsletter for many years, a role which is still tugging for her return!  

Kim Carden

Keith Stewart continued the tradition of the driftwood ‘trophy’ presented to the outgoing President. The club thanked Kim Carden for her service as President and bid adieu.

We know Keith really loves to spend money and this piece of driftwood must have co$t him free at the Lake Forest beach.    



And yet the night was not over...Paul and Andrea Best invited the entire group to their home for the after-party, where we enjoyed still more snacks and beverages. Thank you Paul and Andrea!  





quote courtesy of Bob Holliday from Bhutan


2017 Board of Directors

President: Joy Gayter
VP: Jeff McMahon

Past President: Kim Carden

Founder: Barry Seiller

Social: Lori Pomerich, Leslie Stollenwerk,Giles Chick

Treasurer: Ron Thomas

Photographer: Mike McMahon

Special Events: Jack  Zordan, Dave Zeisler, Jim Zurgess (ok Burgess)

Merchandising: Liisa McMahon, Kim Loughlin

Race Directors: Steve Clark, Dan Bergeson

Membership: Keith Stewart, Miki Tosic

Web: Eddie Packel

Editorial: Eddie Zylka

Club Coach: Jennie Spangler


Long time club member Sam Romberg has moved into a senior living facility. While he’s been unable to bring a post-run watermelon and visit all his friends at the Saturday club run so at the suggestion of Joan Elliott, we thought maybe you would want to send him a card or letter and let him know you’re thinking about him. Sam would be delighted to hear from you!

Sam Romberg's address is:
Belmont Village 2200 Golf Rd, Glenview, IL 60025

Kelli Tosic a sophomore at Grayslake North took 9th place at Sectionals and qualified for the Illinois Cross-Country State Meet. She ended up 35th at the state meet for Class 2A.  Kelli was the first girl in the history of her school (Grayslake North) to qualify for the cross-country state meet.  We are very proud of her!!!

--Jenny and Miki



In the last issue, Giles McSully asked the question: Over your many miles of running have you ever found anything interesting or even valuable on your run or just rubbish? Let’s see what Judy Friedes-Craig and Amy Haney dug up on their runs.


Judy Friedes-Craig

This soft cushy guy was found laying in on the grass on trash day on Scranton Avenue in Lake Bluff a little after 6 a.m. about 20 or more years ago.

His pickup was discussed and debated by the Dawn Patrol. But I took him home to bathe and take up residence in my basement.

He now resides with and is regularly pummeled by year old twins who like to crawl over and on top of him.



Amy Haney

Digging for that (‘free’) golf ball I spotted when out for a morning run, I brushed into this little guy. Eek!

He burrowed right into my finger. I tried (and failed) to pry him out with a nearby stick, leaving me with no other option but to run home with this guy lodged in my finger and a golf ball in tow that wasn’t all that amazing in quality. On the upside, husband Rich expertly orchestrated a successful extraction with a hefty pair of tweezers:)



Club member Bob Holliday and a Lake Forest College Professor along with wife Cathy landed in Bhutan for teaching sabbaticals at Royal Thimphu College or RTC.

Bob shared a story with Footprints on one of his local runs. Enjoy!


Bob Runs Thimphu. Well, really, Bob runs a very tiny part of Thimphu, namely the RTC Mountain. For the first several weeks, I always ran with my phone, for two reasons. I always wanted to have a camera because I was afraid I might miss something, and when there are warning signs about Himalayan bears, well somehow having a phone made me feel safer (not that I planned to use my phone as a weapon). Here are a few of the things I saw on one of my two running routes.

Beginning at the top of campus I start running down the mountain all the way to the bottom, to a traffic circle called Zero Point (about 2.5 miles) and then back up again.   As I like to describe it: “The route isn’t so bad—there’s only one hill.” Unfortunately it takes more than a half hour to climb it.

To avoid traffic, I only do this route on weekends, starting early, usually before 6:00 a.m before the moon has set.


Each side of the road has a sluice (that’s an artificial channel for conducting water–I just looked up the definition of sluice since I’m sure this is the first time I’ve ever used that word) that sends the water through small hoses to various settlements down the mountain.  There are particular places where the water is really rushing down.  So I see signs like these: ”No Car Washing”

Of course, this is precisely the spot where the taxi drivers come early on Sat. or Sunday.

Of course, this is precisely the spot where the taxi drivers come early on Saturday or Sunday.



The annual pumpkin chase produced by our own Rich Martin to benefit the Lake Bluff PTO saw a big turn out by LFLB club members. Link to race photos below in Scene and Herd.




The Lake Bluff PTO pumpkin chase 5K on Saturday October 28th hosted by our very own Rich Martin served as the final CARA Circuit race of ‘17, and provided the venue for the showdown between Ed Packel and Ron Thomas to determine the top spot in the CARA 75-79 Age Group.


Who will the fastest man in their AG in all of Chicago?! After a season of racing mano y mano, these good buds toed the line at the Chase with Ron in 2nd place behind Ed. How close were they? At their last race, the Buffalo Grove Stampede, Ed inched out a victory by 0.4 seconds! If Ron wins the Chase, we have a tie for first place in CARA. But if Ed wins, the trophy goes him with him. a finish for the ages, Ron found some extra ooomph to power him over the finish line only 6 seconds ahead of Ed, putting these two good friends together on the big stage at the CARA award party, having achieved a tie for 1st place in the AG. Congratulation boys!   

EVANSTON XC Invitational

On a soggy Sunday in November, LFLBRC fielded a men's masters and women's masters team at the Illinois Club Cross Country Championships in Skokie. Our men, led by Jason Rush, took second place out of six teams. Joining Jason were Mike Marty, Dan Bergeson, and Giles Chick. Our women's team, led by President Kim Carden, was one runner shy of being able to score, but had a fun time racing around the course loops. Joining Kim on our women's team were Joette Gdovin and Carol McIntosh.
--Steve Clark RD



Meet up for impromptu runs during the week.  Check with the group at the club's Saturday 8:00 am run to confirm schedules as dates, times and locations may change.  Post-run cool down may lead to coffee and sometimes lunch.

TUESDAY Morning: 9:15am Highland Park--Northshore Trail. Meet at ArrivaDolce coffee shop. Run and stick around for a pastry and coffee afterwards.

THURSDAY Morning: 11:30 am Lake Forest College run.  Six miles through Lake Forest. Meet at the college’s Sports & Rec Center.

SATURDAY Morning 8:00am: CLUB RUN: East Lake Forest Train Station. Weekly club run preceded by announcements. Run or walk 6 miles through Lake Forest. Dog walkers welcome.

SATURDAY Morning 9am: Chicago Area Runners Association 'GO RUNS.

Free 1 mile & 5K timed runs. Kids, adults, walkers, runners, strollers, dogs on a leash--Chicago

Link to information and locations

SUNDAY Morning Long Run (options)

8:00am: "Sticky Buns Run"-- Lake County Preserve Canoe Area Launch Rt 60 & Milwaukee Rd

7:30am: North Lake County distance runs, locations vary. Check with Dave Zeisler

TRAINING PROGRAMS: Check with club coach Jenny Spangler on programs and dates.



A Sign of the Times




1.K  2.H 3.G 4.E 5.I 6.J

If you scored 100% claim your prize below!



1. hiver             A. Bhutanese

2. zimowy             B. Cantonese

3. 冬                   C. Spanish
4.parky                     D. Catalan

5.חוֹרֶףp                     E. Yorkshire

6. invierno                F.  County Antrim

                                G. Japanese

                                H. Polish

                                 I.  Hebrew

                                J.  Italian

                                K. French

So...did you get 100% correct? Really?



Pumpkin Chase pics!


Lots more pics from the Pumpkin Chase. Click here or cut and paste the link!