Social Events

In addition to offering training programs, races, and discounts with local organizations, the Dallas Running Club’s best benefit is the intangible — the chance to make new friends and be a part of a supportive community. We are accepting of all walks of life and we pride ourselves on being a supportive organization that provides the community many ways to come together to achieve fitness and personal goals.

Annual Events
If you are a new member, this is a great opportunity to meet other members and may even discover a future training buddy! For long-time members, it is a chance to reconnect and catch up on the lives of your fellow members and meet the new members in the community!

DRC Annual Picnic- September 8, 2018 at Flag Pole Hill at Whiterock Lake. This is our way of showing appreciation for all the efforts made for DRC by our members. More details to be announced.

DRC Annual Meeting and Holiday Party- December 13, 2018 at The Filter Building on Whiterock Lake. Come see the new faces of the board of directors and enjoy a wonderful holiday event!  More details to be announced.

Upcoming Events

For information on upcoming social events, sign up for the DRC newsletter and follow the Dallas Running Club on Facebook, Intsagram and Twitter. These events are typically free to come out to, include raffle prizes, a fun atmosphere, and a supportive community that you are looking to get involved in to help you achieve your goals!



We have many types of events that are open to members and non-members, including:

  • Social Runs

    • Which include a 3-5 mile run and then a FUN social gathering afterwards

    • This is a great opportunity to come check out the club and learn more about us

  • Yoga

    • These events are on every Sunday and are a donation-only based

    • The sessions are focused for runners and designed by our Yogi Master Alison Mathews each week to help runners

  • DRC Adopt-A-Shoreline Clean-up in collaboration with For The Love Of The Lake:

    • These events are the second Saturday of every month at 10AM

    • Come join us as we help clean up part of the lake we all enjoy!

Be on the look out for additional social events, and the best place to keep updated on that information is through our social networks.


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