Youth Circuit

The CARA Youth Circuit has been developed to promote youth participation local races and to create a competitive structure for young runners. Young runners of all levels may participate in CARA Youth Circuit to chase personal and competitive goals, to complement their school based programs and to enjoy the camaraderie of the CARA running community.  

2017 CARA Youth Circuit Schedule

Date  Race 8 & U  9 & 10 11 & 12  13 & 14  15 & 16  17 & 18 
June 4 Roselle Run for the Roses  5K 5K  5K  5K  5K  5K
June 24 Proud to Run  5K 5K   5K  5K 5K   5K
July 4  Elmhurst 4 on the 4th 1K 1K 1K 4Mi. 4Mi. 4Mi.
July 8  'Go Run Humboldt Park  1Mi. 1Mi.  1Mi.   1Mi.  5K  5K
July 22  'Go Run Washington Park  1Mi. 1Mi.   1Mi.  1Mi.  5K 5K 
July 30  NU Run for Walk 4.1 Mi. 4.1 Mi.   4.1 Mi.  4.1 Mi.   4.1 Mi.    4.1 Mi. 
August 5  'Go Run Warren Park 1Mi. 1Mi.   1Mi.  1Mi.  5K  5K 
September 3  Buffalo Grove Stampede 5K 5K 5K 5K  N/A N/A 


Standings:  Download file

Awards:  The top three male and female runners in the final standings in each age group will be awarded at the CARA Awards Banquet.

Eligibility for Awards: Runners must be CARA members individually or be listed as part of a CARA Family Membership by July 9, 2017 to qualify for year-end awards. Runners who do not meet the membership requirement will be dropped from the final standings and will not be eligible for awards; scores will not be re-calculated. CARA Youth Member is only $15 for the year. Members receive discounted entry at all Youth Circuit Races. 'Go Runs are free to all.

Runners must complete at least two (2) Youth Circuit races to qualify for year-end awards. A runner may participate in as many races as they wish, but only runners five best scores will be counted in their final point total. All other scores will be dropped. 

Age Groups:

  • 8 & Under
  • 9 & 10
  • 11 & 12
  • 13 & 14
  • 15 & 16
  • 17 & 18

Age Group Determination:  Runners will compete in the same age division for the entire circuit, even if their age changes during the circuit. A runner's age group will be determined by the runner's age their first race of the season. If a runner has a birthdat during the Youth Circuit after their first race, they will not change age groups within the Circuit, but at an individual race will compete under that race's rules for age group awards.


All runners will be scored automatically. Runners who join CARA during the Circuit will receive points for their finishes in all Youth Circuit races, including those prior to their joining CARA.


In order to score points, runners must run the distance race assigned to their age group. An effort has been made to assign younger runners to shorter distances through most of the Circuit. This is to aid in the young runners' development, allowing them to learn how to race and compete over a manageable distance, rather than simply learning how to finish a longer distance.


All Youth Circuit races were chosen from races held at CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit races or at CARA ‘Go Runs. CARA 'Go Runs are free events. Age groups 15+ will not be included in the Circuit after August 9th due to the start of high school cross-country seasons.