Weekday Group Runs

The Chicago Area Runners Association announces additional COVID-19 related changes to the following CARA programs. Our goal is to protect the safety and well-being of the running community and respect the guidance of state and local authorities. All CARA training programs, group runs, track workouts, ‘Go Run program, and Education Clinics are to be paused through May 30th pending the ability of these runs to safely resume at that time.

At this time, CARA also encourages local runners to respect the advisements from state and local authorities. While we understand this time is challenging, organizing group runs and informal events during this time is not advised. 

While there is the potential for additional changes, we ask the CARA community to be patient and allow us to work through this fluid situation. We will work diligently to be transparent as we work to serve you.


More information can be found at


CARA Weekday Group Runs provide the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the support and camaraderie of Chicagoland's largest running club. These group runs are open to runners of all levels and are free to participate in. Current CARA members (Supporter Level and Friend Level) do not need to register. If you are not yet a CARA Member, please register HERE for a free Friend Level membership, or go HERE to join as a Supporter Level Member.


Please note, these runs are separate from CARA Training Program group runs which require special registration.


Locations / Days / Times:

The schedule of runs may vary during certain times of the year. Please check back regularly for new runs, especially at the start of the spring and summer.


  • Run Leaders: Runs are organized by CARA members. CARA members interested in organizing a group run should e-mail

  • Paces: Runners of all paces and abilities are welcome.

  • Length: Runs are typically 3-5 miles. Run leaders may post details about plans on our STRAVA page.

  • Schedule: The run leader will start the group run with a few brief announcements and help runners find others of their pace before getting underway. Please be on time, as the run will start promptly at its scheduled start.

  • Announcements / Discussion: Each group run is listed on our STRAVA page. Please check the runs STRAVA event for announcements and discussion. This is a great place to ask other runners who is coming, what paces they are planning to run, and to organize a social meet-up after.

  • What to Bring: Your own personal hydration (if desired) and a watch/timing device. Jogging strollers and pets on a leash are welcome unless the run's leader determines they are not safe for that particular location. No gear check is provided.

Join Us:

  • Membership: CARA Weekday Group Runs are open to all CARA Supporter Level members (Individual, Family, Student types) and CARA Friend Level members. CARA Friend Level membership is FREE. You can sign-up as a CARA Friend HERE.

  • Cost: FREE.

  • Registration: No registration is needed, just before sure you have registered as a CARA member prior to the run.


Weather Policy:

  • We will run in rain, but will not run in lightning or other unsafe conditions. Any announcements related to the run will be posted to the runs specific STRAVA event HERE.