Tuesday Track Workouts

CARA Track Workouts provide the opportunity for members to gain fitness, improve speed, and learn how to effectively complete interval workouts. These coach-led sessions are designed for all ability levels. Workouts are focused on improving runners' speed and overall fitness. These workouts are separate from CARA Training Program workouts, which focus on half-marathon and marathon training.

Come train with CARA and enjoy the support and camaraderie of Chicagoland's largest running Club while running challenging interval workouts led by local running experts. 

Update: For the remainder of 2020, Tuesday track workouts will be open to all CARA members Friend Level (free level) and Supporter Level ($35 per year). Please sign-up at through the button link below to reserve your spot.




Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m. - 2021 Dates TBD


  • Wilson Track (Wilson Dr. and Lake Shore Dr., Chicago)

  • Note: Workouts at Lake Shore Park Track and the River Park Track will not resume on August 18. Start dates for these locations are not yet determined.


  • Sessions: Each week will include an interval workout on the track, with an end of session 1-Mile time trial to test your fitness.

  • Coaching: Workouts are led by experienced and friendly coaches who will guide your workouts and help you determine your paces.

    • Wilson Track: Coach Tim Bradley (CARA Director of Training)

  • Pace Groups: Coaches will assist runners in finding the right pace based on their current training and mile goal times.

    • Group 1: Current Training Pace 8:00 min per mile - Goal mile time of 6:00 min or faster 

    • Group 2: Current Training Pace 8:00 - 9:00 min per mile - Goal mile time of 7:00 min or faster 

    • Group 3: Current Training Pace 9:00-10:00 min per mile - Goal mile time of 8:00 min or faster 

    • Group 4: Current Training Pace 10:00-11:00 min per mile - Goal mile time of 9:00 min or faster 

    • Group 5: Current Training Pace 11:00-12:00 min per mile - Goal mile time of 11:00 - 10:00 min 

  • Workouts: Workouts for each date are posted HERE.

  • Schedule: Runners are encouraged to arrive early and complete 5-10 minutes of easy jogging prior to the 6:30 p.m. start to get warmed up. Announcements will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m., followed immediately with the coach taking runners through running drills and dynamic exercises to prepare for the workout. Workouts will last between 45 and 60 minutes.

  • What to Bring: Please bring personal hydration and a timing device/watch. Hydration is not provided at these workouts.

  • Note: When events are in conflict with the track, we will complete workouts on the adjacent park paths.

  • Parking:

    • Wilson Track: At this time (7/30/20) parking adjacent to the Wilson Track remains closed by order for the City of Chicago. Please use street parking west of Lake Shore Drive, or consider the Weiss Hospital Parking Garage (details HERE).

  • COVID-19 Related Participant Expectations:

    • Participants must have a mask or face cover with them at all times. Masks or face covers must be worn anytime one is not able to maintain six feet of distance run others.
    • Do not participate if you are feeling sick or ill, and or have a fever, or if you have been in contact with someone unrecovered from COVID-19.
    • Persons from high-risk groups for COVID-19 complications should consult their physician before participating.
    • Do not engage in traditional forms of physical contact (handshakes, high-fives, hugs, partner stretching, etc.).
    • Do not engage in close group pictures/selfies.
    • Only spit or blow nose into a tissue or handkerchief.
    • Do not share personal items, such as hydration, energy gels, towels, etc.
    • Participants may be required to exit the event or may be removed from Tuesday Track Workouts permanently should their actions not meet expectations and or they are creating risk for themselves or others.

Join Us:

  • Membership: CARA Tuesday Track Workouts are open to all CARA members (Individual, Family, Student types). Update: For the remainder of 2020, CARA Friend Level members may join in on Tuesday Track Workouts.

  • Cost: FREE

  • Registration: While workouts are free, please register HERE. Non-members who complete the sign-up will automatically receive CARA Friend Level membership.


  • Volunteers are needed to help with timing. E-mail Tim at tim@cararuns.org for details.

Weather Policy:

  • Please review CARA's weather policy HERE. We will run in rain, but will not run in lightning or other unsafe conditions.