Member Testimonials

Meet Ryan

CARA helped me find that passion for running again. The first step was the hardest. But I quickly realized what CARA means by "Power of the Group."

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Meet Eve

While there are lots of great resources out there such as books, free training plans, and videos, those resources do not come close to a coach or training program such as CARA’s...

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Meet Dan

With CARA training, I am constantly surrounded by positive people who push me as well. A friend of mine and fellow CARA member, Lori Wright, knows how to push the right buttons and keep me going.

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Meet Stephanie & Mark

Over the next several months, I trained for Ironman Wisconsin, and Mark trained for Chicago. Our heavy training schedules didn’t leave us with much time to plan a wedding, but our CARA friends...

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Meet Brad

On February 6, 2016 Brad Stephenson was honored and awarded with the Comeback Runner of the Year Awarded presented by NovaCare Rehabilitation at the CARA Awards Banquet. Brad, an active runner and...

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