Runners' Choice Circuit

The CARA Runners' Choice Circuit provides a competitive structure and recognition for Chicagoland runners and clubs. The Circuit annually honors Chicagoland’s top runners and clubs with Runner of the Year and Club Champion titles. Comprised of various race distances, the Runners’ Choice Circuit providers all runners - both recreational and competitive - with the opportunity to chase personal, club, and competitive goals. 

The Circuit features Chicagoland’s most well organized and well-appreciated races. Circuit races are found in both the city and suburbs and include both major world-class events and local club races alike. Circuit races are annually assembled with the input of CARA’s membership, the CARA Racing Committee, the CARA staff, and CARA Board of Directors.

Update (12/1/20):

CARA and its member-led Race Committee are actively planning for the 2021 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit. With in-person racing beginning to resume, the committee is confident that the Circuit will return in 2021. The committee is evaluating options for the schedule of races, and may consider a delayed start of the Circuit to late-Spring if necessary, and may also announce races as they come available, rather than releasing a complete schedule in full. The committee will provide a status update in January.


Scheduled Races:


Virtual Events or Canceled Races:



Scoring Updates:


The CARA Race Committee has made these updates to the 2020 Circuit awards eligibility requirements:


Minimum Races to Complete for Awards Eligibility: Changes from five (5), to a number that equals one-third of the total number of races that remain on the 2020 schedule, rounded to the nearest whole number. (As of 5/8 the new minimum equals 2)


Maximum Races Counted in Scores: Changes from 8, to a number that equals half of the total number of races, plus one (1), rounded to the nearest whole number, a number at .5 will be rounded down. (As of 5/4 the new max to count equals 3)


Note: These guidelines are designed to flex with the final number of races that occur, which is why we have provided an equation, rather than a set number.


Membership Reminder:


Runners must still be CARA Supporter Level members by 7/1/20 to be awards eligible. CARA needs new and renewed memberships now, more than ever. Please consider renewing through 2020 to help support the organization.


Circuit updates will continue to post to this page as they become available.