Board of Directors

Charge: The CARA Board of Directors serves to govern the affairs of the organization. The Board of Directors consists of up to nineteen Directors with voting privileges, including an Executive Committee made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Immediate Out-going President, and one at-large representative.

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Nominating Committee

Charge: The CARA Nominating Committee serves to oversee the CARA Board of Directors membership and roles. Committee members recruit, review applications, interview, and send forth recommendations to the CARA Board of Directors.

Race Committee

Charge: The CARA Race Committee is charged with the oversight and planning of the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit, as well as serving to represent the voice of CARA membership and local running clubs. 

The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit has a purpose to promote participation local races, to create a competitive structure for area runners, and has long been a source of camaraderie for local runners and within and between local running clubs. Runners of all levels annually participate in CARA Circuit Races to chase personal and competitive goals, to complement their year-long training programs, and to enjoy the camaraderie of the CARA running community. The circuit includes many of Chicagoland’s most well organized and well-appreciated races. Circuit races are found in both the city and suburbs and include both major world-class events and local club races alike. Circuit races are annually assembled with the input of CARA’s membership, the CARA Racing Committee, the CARA staff and CARA Board of Directors.

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