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Lake Bryan TPWD Recreational Trail Grant Project

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Lake Bryan will be undergoing some trail modifications over the next two years as of June 2020.  BVMBA applied for a Texas Parks and Wildlife Recreational Trail grant. After working out arrangements with BTU and TPWD the grant has gone active.

Volunteer help is needed on this project.

If you would like to help out, please check the club Calendar for times and locations. You can contact our discussion list, the trail committee, or to get more information on work times & locations.
BVMBA can not build trail as BVMBA members. You must be signed up as a City of Bryan Volunteer to build trail at Lake Bryan. When filling out the form; for type of work, choose Other and type in  BVMBA Lake Bryan Trail.


Project areas

Start/Finish trail work areas (trail cut)

This work area, Start Finish Trail Areaswill add a couple access trails and some reroutes to existing trial to bring it all together.  A couple of trail signs on the park entrance road to indicate that trails are open or closed, and map kiosks on the East and West Loops. New trail signage will be addressed through out the entire trail system. This area consists of Work Area A, a bidirectional access trail to get to the West Loop, it will pass an existing Kiosk that we will refurbish. Work Area B is a bidirectional Access trail to get to the East Loop. At the end of it will be located a new map kiosk.  Work Area C is a reroute on Roller Coaster to bring the start onto the right side of the kiosk.  Work Area D is a reroute and extension of Last Call, which will also bring you out to the map kiosk. Work Area E is a relocation of access trail onto Fisherman’s Alley.  It will also be a bidirectional trail that is accessed around the map kiosk area.  Work Area F is a reroute and extension working away from a muddy area on Roller Coaster.  An small alteration on Last Call is not marked on the map, but it is a location close to area F that will be moved away from it, and also to get it out of an area that often holds water.

Work Area A trail cut
Work Area B trail cut
Work Area C trail cut
Work Area D trail cut
Work Area E trail cut
Work Area F trail cut

Little Warda trail work areas (trail cut)

The Little Ward trail will be altered and have some extensions added to it.  First things first, lets get that long stretch of trail out of the field. Work Area G is the out bound trail being brought into the woods.  Work Area H is the return section of trail being bright into the woods between the Half Pipe and the J-9 bridge. Work Area I is a section of trail along the fence line, we want to bring that into the woods.  Work Area J is an alteration that will drop down into the same gully the Half-pipe is located but in the woods, crossing it twice. On the climb out it will be bench-cut and have switch backs before making a loop through the woods and finally heading towards the Half-pipe. Work Area K will be a longer winding trail through the woods, maybe opening views to the Lake in a few places. We are yet to find out what kind of surfaces we may find to utilize in the trail.  Work Area L is a swing out loop that will hopefully allow for us to get a good view along the lake as we ride.
Near the entrance to Little Warda will be located a map kiosk to help people find their way.

Work Area G is completed.
Work Area H is completed.
Work Area I is completed
Work Area J is completed
Work Area K is completed
Work Area L is completed

Doggy Dash trail work area (trail cut)

This is an extension to Doggy Dash.  Work Area M will try to remove some confusion in this area where the existing trail rides on the levee. It will first add some woods riding before cutting across the field into another crop of woods, then move across the levee road and into the woods where it will join back into the existing Flat Tire Flyer Trail.  At a point where the trail can connect to Texas Twister, a cutoff will be put in, not indicated on the map (TBD).  This intersection will be the new start finish for the trails Doggy Dash, Flat Tire Flyer, Sunflower Forest and Texas Twister.  We will abandon the levee access area we are presently using for this cutoff.


Work Area M is completed


Maintenance Areas (TBD)

We still need to assess the trail conditions in places, identify erosion problem areas, TTF (bridge) that need to be replaced, and plan to address these maintenance areas. As we identify them and come up with a plan to address them, they will be added here.

Work to be done:

  1. Install Kiosk on East Loop mix master
  2. Install Kiosk at end of Munnerlyn Loop on Turbo Rd.
  3. Install Kiosk at Sunset Strip entrance
  4. Refurbish East Loop Kiosk at near start
  5. Install Kiosk at Little Warda entrance.
  6. Install Kiosk near new restrooms
  7. Address Bow Tie Bridge Area
  8. Address Bridge on Poison Ivy Alley
  9. Address Bridge on Doggy Dash
  10. Address erosion on Rat Maze, last bridge crossing
  11. Install directional signage
  12. Cut in Island trail not shown here.
  13. Fill dirt in erosion areas and create erosion control
  14. Berm tight corners.


NOTE: Work Areas below this point may or may not take place.  These are extra trail extensions not required to complete for the project. The decision to proceed with these work areas will depend on the how the projects volunteer help is moving the project along, decision on what is needed and an assessment of the actual locations to determine if the work can be done within the time frame of the project.

Rat Maze trail work area (Canceled)

Work Area R is a long section of trail to add to Rat Maze. We will probably make it so the trail can be bypassed. It may lead to another future trial like the Rat Vortex, but that is yet to be determined.  This section of trail may have some setbacks with the existing fence project that is going on.  The trees along the property line will be shredder and a clearing crated along that fence line. That could modify the plans here in a few months.  We may have to opt for one or more of the other project areas if we find we can not do this one in time.

Work Area R Canceled

Octopus and Loop-D-Loop trail work Areas (Canceled)

This work area map has three separate trail extensions.  Work Areas N, O and P.  Work Area N is a short loop extension on Octopus.  Work area O is a loop extension on Loop-D-Loop, adding another loop.  Work Area P is yes more loops to add to Loop-D-Loop.

Work Area N Canceled
Work Area O Canceled
Work Area P Canceled


Sunset Strip trail work Area (Canceled)

Work area S and T are extensions to add onto Sunset Strip. We have not scouted the area to verify this can be done.  It may be that the space is just too tight to get the additional trail through where it looked like we could on the map.  There could be altering features such as ponds as with Work Area S.
Near the entrance to Sunset Strip will be located a map kiosk to help people find their way.

Work Area S Canceled
Work Area T Canceled