Galloway workouts


Galloway Workouts


At the BRC, we work to accommodate runners of all abilities. For those just starting, or in need of some recovery time, we are introducing some shorter distances on Wednesday (2-2.6 miles) and Saturday (4 miles). If you like interweaving periods of walking with jogging, or simply want to hit your daily steps, these options are for you. And if you are just getting started, don’t be scared of track—we provide lots of options and every workout is done at your own pace. 

2 miles:



2.6 miles:

 On the maps- you'll see some icons (which are hyperlinks to more info): 

     The   "Faucet" is an outdoor water fountain

     The    "Water Jug" is a (possible) BRC water jug location (the Starter will announce actual jug(s) location)

     The     "Star" is a location with indoor restroom and water 


Workouts are rain or shine, however, we will cancel in the event of lightning.