Winter Bingo FAQ

Welcome to our Winter Challenge Bingo!   It's a sure way to get our members enjoying the Wonderful Wisconsin Winters and a chance to receive one of three rewards


What a great idea!  How much does this cost?

Put your money away!  This is free for all our members!


How do I earn one of the 3 rewards?

Pick one of the Bingo Cards ( Card1, Card2 ,Card3, Card4, Card5, Card6 ) and make a regular old school style bingo of 5 squares horizontal, vertical, or diagonal - not of that fancy 4 corners or postage stamp, etc

Wow! Three Rewards to choose from?

You can get $10 off your Cullen Run registartion (preregistration only, not valid for Race Day registration)

Or a Strider Shirt that can be picked up at either the Feb 4 Strider Holiday Party or at Feb 12 Cullen Run

Or $10 off your South Shore Half Registartion (preregistration only, not valid for Race Day registration)

Once I complete a Bingo - how do I get my reward?

Register and upload your completed bingo card to


When it says Run - how far do I have to go?

Earn the square by running one or more miles - and no need to limit yourself to a single mile, run as much as you would like.  And Run can be a run, run/wa;l, a hike, or even a walk.  The important point it to get you out there!


What? Milwaukee has a Beerline Trail?

Yes we do! here's the details


I get a square for attending the Tuesday Night Workouts?  when are they?

Is this a trick question? they are on Tuesday nights, meeting at the Pettit at 6:30 pm and running outside.  starting back up January 18


What's an easy way to get a square now and do the work later?

Sign up for the Strider Bus Trip to Lousiville KY for the Kentucky Derby Festival.  The bus leaves early Fri, April 29 and returns late afternoon Sunday, May 1.  They have a Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay.  Find more info on our Facebook Badgerland Strider Member Community Group


What's the BLS Pettit Fun Run?

The Winter Fun Runs are back on and we have 2 at the Pettit on Wed,Jan 26 and Wed, Feb 23.  Run inside on the Track or Outside along the Root River or Hank Aaron Trail, and either way come join for some food and drink upstairs at their Haall of Fame Room.  


Striders have a Strava Group?

It's true, and a very simple way to get a square on your bingo card


I can get a square for renewing my Strider membership?

another easy way to earn a square - much easier than running John Dick 50K - but you get a square for that too!  Sorry Life Time Members you can't renew your membership cause it never expires so you can't earn this square


Going to the super awesome Strider Holiday Party can get me a square?

Where do I sign up ? Glad you asked - here you go





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