JSDeerfly Stomp

Help STOMP out Alzheimer's and participate in the  stoopidest run you'll ever do!! 
5kish run through Deerfly infested woods of Grand Mere State Park. Catch deer flies with a Tred- Not Deerfly Patch & raise $$$ to help fight Alzheimer's disease.

Checkout out our new 2018 dogegory, Paws Against Alz!


For a donation of at least $50you can add the name of a friend / loved one who battled or who is still battling Alzheimer's disease. Your "Beloved Warrior's" name will be added to the back of the race shirt.


Alzheimer's Facts:

It is the 6th leading cause of death in the USA

Between the years 2000 - 2015, deaths from Alzheimers have increased 123%

Alzheimers kills more than breast and prostrate cancer combined

In 2018, Alzheimer's will cost our nation approximately $277 billion

Early and accurate diagnosis could save up to $7.9 trillion

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