Tri-Avengersthe premier host to SW Michigan's Couch 2 Tri program, is very excited to present the 4th Annual year of this awesome program!!  This program is designed to introduce the beginner to the sport of triathlon as well as encourage and support those who may have already competed in a triathlon but desire to grow and learn more about the sport of triathlon.  Our USAT certified coaches will design a plan that will equip the new triathlete with the skills necessary to complete their first sprint triathlon as well as provide a challenging avenue for the more seasoned athlete desiring to take the next step. We are confident our program, complimented with the most encouraging & supportive members you will ever find, will be just what you are looking for in a successful triathlon journey.

Training will consist of swimming, cycling, running, and core foundation strength training.  There will be 3 group training sessions per week. One workout, per discipline, per week, as well as additional training sessions to develop your foundation in each discipline.  These additional sessions may be completed on your own or in supplementary group sessions. Additionally, there will be casual mini-lectures with guest speakers, on topics such as nutrition; carb dependent as well as metabolic efficiency training, goal setting, mental preparedness, overcoming open water swim anxiety, how to buy a wetsuit, & transition readiness just to name a few.

Tuesday - Group Cycling
Wednesday -  Core strength and running  We usually meet at 6pm. Meeting location may change depending on weather, etc.  Location is announced on that particular day on our facebook pages. 
Thursday - Group Swimming. Until the lakes warm up, we will meet at an indoor pool TBA. Once the weather cooperates, we usually start open water swims (OWS). 
Training will start on April 29, 2018. Time TBA
Avengers also meet on Mondays, Saturdays, & will be absolutely welcomed at these group training events especially if you are unable to attend one of the C2Tri specific days. 

Membership in to Sunset Coast Striders/ Tri-Avengers:  2015 USAT Mideast Division III Conference Champion, 2016, 2017 USAT Mideast Division II 3rd Place Winners,. 2016, 2017 IronMan Tri-Club Division IV Steelhead Champion.

Tri-Avengers visor
Being part of a great, supportive, and encouraging club where you will benefit from one on one individual coaching as well as organized group training sessions with certified USAT coaches.  

Training plan provided via a free account on Training Peaks

Skills to complete the Diamond Lake Triathlon and perform your personal best: Our USAT Level 1 Coaches have the most combined experience in Southwest Michigan!! 

3 Group Workouts per Week; one workout/discipline/week with one of our USAT Level 1 Certified Coaches present

Access to a private & very supportive Tri-Avengers community page

Pre-race dinner with your fellow training partners/teammates


Do I need to know how to swim?

For the most part, yes. One should possess enough swimming skills to save ones own life ;-)

Do I need a bike?


Do I need a road or triathlon specific bike?

No. A mountain bike, a beach cruiser, a borrowed bike, a tricycle...if you have to pedal it, that will do.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Encouraged but not entirely necessary.  Many athletes chose not to wear a wetsuit. We will  start our open water swim sessions in late May to early June.  We usually stick to smaller inland lakes as they warm up the quickest. If you are unable to borrow a wetsuit, there are options to rent.  If you already know that you are committed to the sport, then feel free to buy a triathlon specific wetsuit.  Tri-Avengers is sponsored by Roka who manufactures high quality wetsuits and are available to Avenger members at a discounted price. 

What if I have to miss the first week?

Not a problem. Just let us know. There maybe many times where you have schedule conflicts and are unable to attend the group sessions. You will have access to that days workout and can complete it on your own. 

How will I know if a group session is cancelled?

If a group session is cancelled, we will announce it on the closed community Tri-Avengers Facebook site that you will become a member of.  Don't have a facebook account?  No worries.  We will also send out an email message to the email you provide when you register.  

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