State of Idaho, Secretary of State Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Association Number: U4272


Sawtooth Masters (SAWS) is the U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) organization that serves the greater Boise, Idaho area.  Led by Head Coach, Rick McQuet, we are a team-based adult (18+) training program that welcomes all levels of swimmers.   Members are a diverse group  with varied swimming abilities from World/National Record Holders to recreational swimmers to triathletes. We offer daily workouts - morning/noon/evening at the Downtown and West YMCA (see schedule), with swimmers organized in lanes according to ability/speed. The Coaches provide a motivating and supportive environment with a focus on defining/reaching individual goals, and improving technique, speed, strength and fitness. Out-of- town drop-ins are welcome. Manage your admittance to the YMCA, introduce yourself to the on-deck coach and he/she will help you with lane placement and a workout.

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