I hold two 12-week coaching sessions per year, one in the fall, starting in September, and a second in the winter, starting in January.
I welcome you to join the program at any time, though. Runners purchase a package of six or twelve workouts. That way you only pay for the workouts you attend. Unused workouts carry over to the next session.

Coach Deb

Debbie Voiles, coach/director at Run Tampa

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Location:  Al Lopez Park, 4810 Himes Avenue; We meet at the end of the parking lot (under the tree next to the yellow posts) just south of  the Cordelia Hunt Rec Center.
Day/Time:  Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. (switching to Tuesdays in fall of 2018)
Dates:  last workout of current session (winter 2018) is April 5th.
Description:  Each workout lasts about an hour. Mix of different workouts, emphasis on running form, injury prevention and how to train. Drills, strengthening exercises, balance exercises, and intervals of different distances with different purposes. Every workout begins with a warm-up. You’ll need a watch for some workouts, and other times the workout will be entirely effort-based. You don’t ever compete with each other.

This does not include coaching/schedules outside of the track workout, but I will guide all participants in how to spend the rest of the week and how to find a good training schedule and customize it as needed.

Three Levels: 

1. Speed work for people who are already in good condition, are doing 25 miles per week or more, and looking for high intensity.

2. Endurance-building for people returning to running after time off or newer runners who’re more focused on building endurance than getting faster or runners training to improve their half or full.

3. Beginner for people just working up to their first 5k. Everything this group does is walk/run. Lot of focus on form, cadence, drills, and strengthening and stretching to prepare the body for running and prevent injury.

Fee:  All Coaching Program Members must be Run Tampa Club members. If you’re not, already, you will need to become a member, $30, per year. Click here to join. For coaching, you’ll have the option to purchase a 6-week or 12-week workout package via the button below.

The 12-workout package is $130. The 6-workout package is $85. Unused workouts carry over to next session, which starts Jan 4th. Packages expire after 9 months. For those 60 and over, the fee is $104 for the 12-workout package and $85 for the 6-workout package. Payment button below. 

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Deb via the Contact form.

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